Cookie policy

Cookies may be set when you visit the website. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive and enable user recognition, but do not allow personal identification. Cookies help you to anonymously access the website and make it easier to use.

Web beacons (or so-called tracking pixels) are also used for the same purpose. Web beacons are small images that can be embedded on websites, which enable log-file recording and log-file analysis, and thus are used for statistical evaluations. In addition, they can generally prevent or stop the storage of cookies, as you are required to approve the setting of cookies. You can manage this for each website using the settings of your respective browser. You can also delete the already set cookies in your browser settings later. Please note that as a rule, opting out from the setting of cookies is technically effected by setting an opt-out cookie. Thus, an additional cookie is saved on your computer which prevents relevant information from being transmitted to the website operator. Therefore, when you delete the saved cookies on your PC, you should also delete these opt-out cookies. If later a cookie is set again, e.g. for website optimisation, then the information is again transmitted to the website operator.

If you are using more than one browser, you should apply these settings in each of your browsers. Please follow the instructions of your respective browser manufacturer. We would like to mention here that if you choose not to accept any cookies, then some functions may not work properly while using this website.