Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

SpecTronics devise and implement effective business data backup and disaster recovery plans throughout Wimbledon and throughout South West London.

Protect Your Assets

If disaster strikes we can help you minimise the effects and fix the problem quickly. Businesses need to be prepared for minor problems and major disasters. From hard drives failing to files corrupting, issues arise in businesses every day. That’s why it’s important to plan for the worst and have a business data backup and disaster recovery plan.

Developing a Data Backup Strategy

SpecTronics take the time to learn about your business and understand critical issues you may face. We look into the type of data you store, your industry and security requirements. The key assessments include:

Identifying Necessary Data

We find out what data needs to be backed up and when. Ideally, you should backup all your data every day, but this can be impractical due to time or financial constraints. We’ll identify the critical data and ensure its backed up daily. Any other data can be backed up on a less rigorous schedule.

Selecting Backup Techniques

There are many backup techniques you can use including system image backups and continuous data backups. Sometimes it’s better to combine several backup techniques into a hybrid solution that’s more suitable for your company. You should also factor in security considerations when protecting valuable information.

Selecting Location for Backup Files

It’s important to keep multiple backup copies. One copy should be kept onsite so you can access it easily when minor mishaps occur. Another copy should be kept offsite in case a disaster destroys the onsite copy. Depending on your industry, you may be subject to government regulations regarding the storage of your data. This will affect the type of solution you choose for your business.

Determining Best Backup Practice

Backup files need to be tested to make sure they’re available when you need them. Testing incremental and full restoration of your files will adequately determine if your backups work. SpecTronics will review your business carefully and ask you pertinent questions. We’ll guide you through the various data backup solutions and decide the ideal fit for your company. We can also perform validation testing to make sure your data can be restored as planned.

Devising an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Backups are only one part of an IT disaster recovery plan. SpecTronics will ensure your plan incorporates recovery strategies for hardware, software, data and connectivity. For each component, we put in place a cohesive preparation plan for a disaster and actions to take when a calamity occurs.

A reliable plan will ensure you can easily access copies of your operating system software and business-critical applications so they can be quickly reinstalled after a disaster. Part of the plan will also specify who is responsible for carrying out the recovery plan and the order in which the software should be restored.

If you have a business continuity plan, we’ll ensure the IT disaster recovery plan can meet the recovery time objective and recovery point objective – as defined in the continuity plan. We’ll also test the IT disaster recovery plan periodically, to make sure it works as designed. The SpecTronics technical team has the business experience to evaluate each component of the plan so that your company is prepared and doesn’t lose productivity.

Recovering Essential Business Files

It’s important to note that if you try to recover business data without the help of a qualified professional, data recovery may result in further damage to your hardware. This could result in unrecoverable files. If a meltdown occurs, we advise you to call us as soon as you experience any data loss.

From losing a client database in a server crash to accidentally deleting an essential presentation, we understand data loss can be devastating to a business. SpecTronics have data recovery specialists who can get to work immediately and restore your documents, emails and other data, as well as providing complementary IT support services to minimise the risk of such a loss happening again. We’re able to provide onsite IT support from Wimbledon servicing all areas of South West London.

Data Recovery

SpecTronics have experience restoring corrupted and deleted date from a wide range of storage devices, including MACs, PCs, servers, tablets, memory cards and mobile phones. We’ve retrieved data from very old and extremely damaged technology. So no matter the state of your device, it’s worth talking to us.

Safeguard your company with a business data backup and disaster recovery plan from SpecTronics.