Helpdesk and Onsite IT Support

SpecTronics provide remote and onsite support to businesses throughout Wimbledon and across South West London. You can trust us for immediate and effective IT assistance.

Full Access to Help Desk Support

SpecTronics provide continuous access to help desk services and onsite appointments. If a system fails and you need it fixed promptly, our qualified technicians will visit your premises and quickly resolve the problem.

Solving Employees’ IT Problems

Employees often turn to their managers when they’re faced with an IT issue. This can be problematic and time-consuming as the manager might have to track a professional down to deal with the issue. An employee may also turn to a coworker for help and get wrong advice.

SpecTronics provide help desk services and onsite appointments that help to alleviate these issues from occurring. Our experienced technicians can call out to your business in Wimbledon or elsewhere in South West London and assist your team. Helpdesk requests and the technicians that handle them are categorised into support levels. The higher the support level, the more difficult the problem is to solve and the greater the IT expertise needed to resolve them. The four support levels are as follows:

Level 1

This level of support is usually available 24/7. After contacting the help desk, the level 1 technicians analyse the information and technical issue. Once the issue is identified the technicians resolve it quickly and with minimal fuss. Common issues include resetting passwords, resolving basic network connectivity issues, and troubleshooting email problems. If the technicians cannot solve the problem, they reclassify it as a level 2 issue.

Level 2

The level 2 technicians handle more challenging problems such as troubleshooting software and computer meltdowns. After investigating, the technicians will classify it as a known or new issue. For known issues, they look for solutions in the help desk database. If it is a new issue, they try to resolve the problem or reclassify it as a level 3 issue.

Level 3

These problems often lie within the IT infrastructure. Sometimes, level 3 support is handled by networking specialists.

Level 4

The level is reserved for complex problems involving multiple vendors, products or tools outside of the organisation. Some help desks may not provide level 4 support. It’s clear having help desk support is advantageous for your business. SpecTronics can provide you with a professionally staffed IT help desk that’ll provide quick and courteous assistance to your employees when they need it.

Help Desk and Onsite Support

You may need a technician to help onsite. Whether it’s replacing a failing hard drive or setting up a wireless router, having an IT expert on the premises is helpful. They can also conduct vulnerability assessments, educate employees about security threats and solve complex IT problems. SpecTronics provides friendly and professional onsite appointments.

What would you do if your IT systems went down?What would you do if your IT systems went down?

Saving You Time

With any small business, time is money. That’s why having an IT professional on hand is important. You waste time waiting for someone to resolve problems, answer questions and provide onsite support. With our help desk and onsite support services, you don’t have to wait. We’ll be there when you need us.

Get quick onsite support from SpecTronics.