Remote Monitoring and Management

If you’re running a small business, you probably don’t have time to continually check your IT and networks. SpecTronics remote IT services allow us to monitor your systems so that we can work together to rectify any issues that may occur.

Remote Monitoring and Management Services

Increase your workplace productivity with our remote monitoring and management services. Computers play a crucial role in your company’s daily operations. Problems with those systems can disrupt your operations. As a result, disruptions can lead to lost productivity, lost customers and lost business opportunities. That’s why it’s vital to keep your computer systems secure and operating at peak efficiency.

Keeping Your Business IT Systems Running Smoothly

To ensure safe, efficient computer systems, you need to monitor and manage all aspects of your IT environment regularly. This involves:

Applying Software Updates

Many applications and operating system software have known security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities unveil a crack for cybercriminals to slip through and access your computer systems. Once in, they’ll install a malicious code. This is why you should update your software regularly – newly released patches eliminate cracks in your computer systems.

Update Your Firmware

This task often gets postponed or ignored but it’s crucial you apply updates promptly. Proper patch management helps to fix any bugs discovered in your applications as well as providing enhancements. More importantly, updates close known security vulnerabilities which help protect your computer systems from cyber attacks.

Keeping Track of IT Assets

It’s important to conduct a regular inventory of your IT assets – recording such information as serial numbers, licensing details and location. For computing devices, you should keep track of installed application information, including their version numbers. Tracking IT assets means you’ll know other pertinent information such as how old your equipment is, when a license is nearing its expiration date and whether applications are receiving the necessary patches and updates.

Ensuring Your Computers Are Secure

Monitoring your services, desktop computers and other devices for known security issues is an integral part of your overall computer security strategy. You should monitor a computer’s event logs to check if there have been numerous unsuccessful attempts to remotely access it. This provides insight into when the attack is taking place rather than finding out days or weeks later when a hacker gains entry and steals data or implants malware.

Ensuring Your Computer Systems Are Performing as Expected

Keeping an eye on the performance of your servers, computers and other devices to check memory, processor use and available disk space can identify any detrimental long-term trends and allow you to address issues before they become a problem.

Monitor and Manage Mobile Devices

Today, employees can work remotely using laptops, tablets and smartphones. These devices need to be monitored and managed just like desktop computers. For employee mobile devices, you should provide secure mechanisms for the devices to connect to your computer systems and manage those mechanisms.

Workplace Peace of Mind

SpecTronics can take care of the monitoring and managing of your computer systems. Based in Wimbledon, we provide remote IT services to small businesses throughout South West London.

Our team uncover security and performance issues and rectify them before they turn into larger, costly problems. Knowing your computer systems will be monitored 24/7 gives you peace of mind. It keeps your business safe and operating at peak efficiency.

Keep your computer systems in check with our remote IT services.